AI regulation on a global scale

To address the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) some nations have taken the first steps towards regulating this new technology.

To promote the development of AI on a global scale and address the potential risks it poses to safety and fundamental rights, the European Commission has developed a plan to harness the many opportunities and risk-mitigation challenges of AI use and regulation for the future.

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An international effort

The 2021 Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence (AI) sets out to create clear and consistent global leadership in trustworthy AI. Building on the strong collaboration between the European Commission (EC) and its Member States, the plan presents both a proposal for a regulatory framework on AI and a revised coordinated plan on AI.

As such, we want to play a crucial role in disseminating relevant information regarding the latest AI regulations from the European Union, United States, and China. As this pervasive technology will benefit both global businesses and societies at large, it is important for all governments, corporations, businesses, and citizens to clearly understand the action plans for regulating AI.

Three approaches

The three key players in the drive toward responsible and accountable global AI regulation are the European Union, the United States, and China. Each has outlined its own approaches to address the various challenges and implications of AI regulation compliance.

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